Around the World

Explore the globe from your chosen destination!

1 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


Around the World will have you and your globe-trotting team mates virtually visiting a number of countries around the world, where you will undertake a range of tasks and challenges to activate ‘hotspots’ and earn points. The challenges vary in difficulty levels and in format, each inspired by the country they represent. They include timed questions, photo and video challenges, as well as team games specifically designed to test and inspire participants. In this global scavenger hunt, teams are free to decide which countries they will virtually visit. They engage in a variety of tasks each inspired by the country they represent to activate ‘Hotspots” and earn points.

Learning Outcomes

Around the World is a unique and interactive event that challenges you to work your way around the globe, without ever leaving your chosen venue or location! With photo and video challenges, timed questions, as well as team games everyone will be engaged and inspired. Around the World is an amazing way of encouraging people to network. Around the World enhances effective communication within the group. In a relaxed environment people can express their ideas and opinions freely. Around the World hones critical and strategic thinking in time sensitive situations. Most of all it allows everyone to relax and have great fun!

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