Fever Pitch

Teams compete in a soccer chant play off

10 - 30 minutes
Competitive / Collaborative
30 - Unlimited


In Fever Pitch, participants are divided into 2 teams. Each team becomes a group of adoring fans cheering on their football team. The coaches lead their team in practising specific sounds like group cheers, the ooh of a missed shot, the thud of the ball against a post. Their challenge is to deliver these sounds at times appropriate to accompany the on-screen action. The first team is encouraged to react to the action in a video clip shown on the screen. The next team follows. The challenge builds as each team must deliver an increasing range sounds to accompany the match action. The match climaxes in a penalty shootout. The winning team celebrates with a Mexican wave across the room.

Learning Outcomes

Fast, physical and highly entertaining, Fever Pitch is designed to engage participants and put a smile on the faces of everyone. It stimulates creativity and spontaneity in a relaxed, fun activity. The excitement and frenzy built by the coach ensure full participation. Fever Pitch is a wonderfully uplifting and memorable shared experience that will be talked about for a long time to come. Fever Pitch is ideal for conferences where delegates are in theatre style seating. An efficient energiser where people do not have to move from their seats in order to get invigorated.

Related Testimonial

Fever Pitch aroused passion and instant engagement from all delegates. It shifted the mood in the conference and people were found in groups still singing "We WIll Never Walk Alone" later in the evening.


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