Fever Pitch

Teams compete in a soccer chant play off

10 - 30 minutes
Competitive / Collaborative
30 - Unlimited


Create sound effects and soccer cheers to accompany the montage of a big soccer match action. Teams warm up with a Mambo chant and physical movements. Then, led by an energetic event host, teams watch a World Cup Soccer match and, following the onscreen guide, cheer their team. The challenge builds as teams cheer a final penalty shootout. The event wraps up with a sing-along to a popular football anthem as inflated beach soccer balls bounce around above their heads, kept aloft by their energy and enthusiasm.

Learning Outcomes

Fever Pitch is a fun, motivating icebreaker that energises a conference and creates an instant rapport among the group through a fun shared experience. Fast, physical, and highly entertaining, taking on the role of a passionate football fan engages participants, gets them up and moving and puts a smile on their faces. Participants focus on process improvement with the repetition of the Mambo actions. Full participation is encouraged in this wonderfully uplifting and memorable shared experience.

Related Testimonial

Fever Pitch aroused passion and instant engagement from all delegates. It shifted the mood in the conference and people were found in groups still singing "We WIll Never Walk Alone" later in the evening.


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