Panoramic GPS Trail

‚ÄčExperience Malta off-the-beaten track!

1 - 4 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - 80


Panoramic GPS Trail is a unique event that provides a wonderful opportunity to exercise your ability to work together as a team while allowing participants the chance to discover various points of interest on the island of Malta.

In this exciting quest, participants are split into small teams. After a safety briefing, they set off on different routes using the latest GPS technology on our iPad Air tablets to assist them in finding their way. Each route leads to a checkpoint where the teams must swap their means of transport for a new one. These could be anything, from mountain bikes to quad bikes, or even Segways (not to mention good old trekking)!

Learning Outcomes

Panoramic GPS Trail is a fantastic way of exploring Malta while having great fun together. This active challenge is a fantastic way of encouraging networking and engagement. With photo and video challenges, timed questions, as well as team games everyone will be engaged and inspired. Panoramic GPS Challenge will get everyone talking during the activity and then after as they share their experiences. Most of all it allows everyone to have fun and laughs while exploring some of the amazing less well travelled paths of Malta.

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