Knights Chase iChallenge

​In the footsteps of the Knights is a journey across time in a magnificent city.

1 - 4 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


In the footsteps of the Knights is a journey across time in a magnificent city. It’s a unique and fun way to experience Mdina’s historical treasures while challenging your ability to work together as a team!

Each team is tasked with searching Mdina’s streets for animators - Grand Master, Noble Lady, Knight, and more characters who will give them further information about the locations they will be visiting. On encountering each animator, the teams are asked a series of questions or must complete a team task. Gold coins are awarded to each team depending on their success in completing the challenges given by the animators. Honour and nobility await those who follow in the footsteps of the Knights!

Learning Outcomes

Knights Chase iChallenge is a unique and interactive activity that challenges your team to go back in time around Mdina in the search for animators. With challenges and tasks to complete as well as questions to answer, everyone will be involved and engaged in the game.

Knights Chase iChallenge is a fantastic way of encouraging people to collaborate to reach a common goal. It enhances effective communication, collaboration and teamwork in a relaxed and fun environment. Knights Chase iChallenge encourages strategic thinking and decision making in time critical situations. It is great fun and allows your team to relax, bond and share a great experience while creating long lasting memories.

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